Vormlust has made a series of promotional videos for the theater performance B&K 4-ever. They were responsible for the concept, decoration of the sets, photos and art direction. B&K 4-ever is based on the true story of the Canadian couple Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka. The perfect couple for the outside world. But … just three months after they get to know each other, the couple embark on a series of horrific rapes and murders.

Concept / Set dressing / Photography & Director: Vormlust
Camera & light: Margarita Kouvatsou / www.screamread.tv
Costume: Teunis Ruiten
Commissioned by Øystein S. Johansen – Bunnyhead productions

Directors cut videos:

B&K 4-ever Het begin
B&K 4-ever – De Trouwerij
B&K 4-ever – De Voorbereiding
B&K 4-ever – De Videotapes
B&K 4-ever – Het Einde