Stippenlift is the alter-ego of singer and producer Hugo van de Poel. He himself calls the music depriwave, which perhaps already says enough. The melancholy lyrics about crying, suffering and depression are delineated with electronic music without any frills.

Vormlust created 3 videoclips and several artworks for his albums and singles.


Wat is je gender

“I see how the macho man dominates the world. I am also a man, how am I supposed to relate to that?” says Stippenlift.

For his new album ‘Gender De Rivier’ (Gender The River), Vormlust made the video with the song: Wat Is Je Gender (What Is Your Gender). Also the covers for his single and album are created by Vormlust. Regarding to Stippenlift What Is Your Gender is a true post-gender partyanthem. It is the first precursor for his EP Gender The River, in which he also addresses the theme in a more serious way.


De Façade

Vormlust made the videoclip for the song De Façade (The Façade). The Façade is about people who come across happy and successful, but who die slowly on the inside. Vormlust has translated this into a house party setting where the evening starts cheerfully, but changes as soon as nobody shows up. Is she happy or does she dare to take off her mask?

Concept, Styling & Control by Vormlust
Camera & light: White Raven Productions
Make-up: Minou Meijers
Runner: Jacky Buitendijk
Cast: Linda Nater, Hugo van de Poel

stippenlift – vormlust


Depri-Wave singer Stippenlift is happiest during the Christmas period. In the Christmas Fan video clip, Vormlust shows the love that singer Stippenlift has for Christmas on the basis of an advent calendar. Every day a box opens in which a short teaser shows a new Christmas surprise.